How to be Mindful when you Totally Suck at Meditation

November 11, 2015

how to be mindfulThere is no doubt that meditation is important for our mental well-being. It reduces stress, improves your immune system, lowers your blood pressure, helps your sleeping patterns, increases your positive thinking and overall happiness. Wow. Powerful isn’t it?

With benefits like this then it makes sense that we should be meditating as much as we can.

These days our lives are so busy and we struggle to switch off. Text messages, phone calls, emails, status updates, likes, follows, retweets, shares, videos, snapchats, TV – it’s non stop.

When was the last time that you meditated?

Took some time out to still your mind, not thinking about the future and not thinking about the past.  Just. Being. Present.

But what if you try and try but you just can’t meditate? It’s just not happening for you, but everyone else seems to have no problem getting their zen on. The more you stress over it, the harder it is to meditate, and then when you can’t meditate you stress….I think you get the point. It becomes a circle and in the end you just give up because it’s just never going to happen for you.

Well throw away your meditation pillow because I have good news for you. (Maybe don’t throw it away, just put it in the garage for later when you’re mediation practice is kick-ass!)

I’m telling you that you can practice mindfulness in other ways. If meditation isn’t your thing then that’s totally ok. It’s definitely not for everyone, however it’s important to remember that it does take some practice to get proficient at it. If you’ve really given it a good shot and it’s still not happening for you, don’t despair and give up on mindfulness altogether. It’s still achievable and I’m going to share with you some simple ways to make it happen. continue reading

Did you know THIS about Social Media?

October 14, 2015

life coach melbourneYou know how much I dig social media, it’s not really a secret. I am online a lot, both for my own business and for some clients that I do social media management for.

Due to this I’ve had to put in place rules and boundaries about how much time I spend online, to ensure that I allocate myself time to be offline and just live my life. I’ve spoken before about how important it is to do this. It’s been a big lesson that I’ve had to learn and I feel that I’ve just gotten a good grasp of it now.

For those of us that run our own businesses, are solopreneurs or girlbosses, we know the importance of having an online presence. It enables us to connect with our tribes in other ways, show behind the scenes going-ons and allows us to truly show our personalities a bit more.

We can also use it as inspiration for ourselves, by following gorgeous accounts, clever quotes or our favourite celebrities. It’s a win-win really.

But did you know THIS about Social Media? continue reading

Why you need to have a big why

September 30, 2015

life coach bloggerThose who know my story know that I’ve recently been offering social media coaching and management, along with life coaching. I’ve recently done some work with a business coach, and I’ve decided to solely focus on life coaching and sharing my message with the world via my blog.  I will still be working with a *few* brands and business owners with their social media, mainly because I love it, but you’ll start to see more lifestyle and soul based blog posts on here from now on.

How did I come about this decision?

The past few months I’ve been feeling a little off kilter. I’ve felt for a period of time now that things weren’t in alignment. The articles I was posting on my blog were good, and they were meeting a need, but they weren’t what I really wanted to share with the world. They weren’t the reason why I started A Spectacular Life in the first place. I’m a big believer in evolution and growth, however this wasn’t either of those things. I wasn’t clear on my objective and then it dawned on me that I had lost the biggest piece of the puzzle.  continue reading

What NOT to do on Social Media

September 16, 2015

social media coachWe all hear about what we should be doing on social media. There are many lists out there, and majority of them share the same tips which have been proven over time to be successful: posting at key times for your audience, posting good quality photos, sticking to your branding etc.

Sometimes these lists can be deceiving though. The beauty of social media is that a post that works for one account at a specific time, might not work for you at that exact same time. The social media landscape is an ever-changing one, and to be honest with you that’s why I love it. For you, a post that no one has ever done might work brilliantly! That’s why there are so many successful people on social media, because they are changing the status quo.

If you are a entrepreneur or you are running a business then you need to be on social media. If you use it correctly it is essentially free advertising that you can use to drive traffic to your website, get email sign ups or even generate sales (although that last one can be trickier).

Just being online though isn’t enough. You need to be smart about it, and there are things that you should avoid doing if you want to be successful online. I thought that instead of creating a list of what you should do on social media, I would share what NOT to do.

By avoiding the following you are ensuring that you set yourself up for success on social media, however you choose to define it. continue reading

What is holding you back?

September 2, 2015

life coach Nicole Knox Gray

Do you have a dream? A big vision? Something that you want to make happen in your life?

Is it a reality? Or are you on your way to making it happen?
Is every little thing that you are doing taking you one step closer to that dream?

If not, do not stress. Get your head out of the cookie jar, stop eating away your sorrows and listen to me. I have the answer as to why it’s not happening for you. I know what is holding you back.
Just call me the oracle. Or O for short.

There  are two reasons that it’s not happening for you and they are relatively simple for you to get over. You just need to do a little work. Unlike the end of Friends, which we will never, ever get over. continue reading

Tips for being more productive at home

August 25, 2015

social media coach

When I meet people and I tell them that I work from home their reactions are almost always the same.

“Wow aren’t you lucky!”

“Oh man you’ve got it good”

“Wish I could work from home”

“You look amazing in those yoga pants!”*

*OK that last one was made up. You get my point though yes?

You know something, they’re right. I am very lucky to be able to work from home. I am so grateful that I get to do that.  And that I get to work most days in yoga pants and ugg boots. THAT’S the real joy there people. Uh-huh.

However it does have it’s challenges. I have had to learn along the way how to be productive at home because there are so many distractions! Um, helloooooo daytime TV, and I have never been a fan of washing. If I’ve hit a creative block and I’m procrastinating big time, then suddenly I turn into the Queen of Laundry Basket land, with Days of our Lives on in the background. Who am I? continue reading